Reign's Top Holiday Gift Ideas 2017!!

Over the next couple weeks, I'll share some holiday gift ideas from some of my favorite sponsors, clients and friends.


1.  Apparel from Shapings: Need something special for the fashionable woman in your life, check out If you look hard enough, you might even find someone you know scattered among the real models on the website.



2. Barry Richman Guitar Lessons: This one for the guitarist among your family and friends. Most of you know that Angela Reign band member Barry Richman is one of the baddest guitar players around, having played with everyone form the Allman Brothers, to Zac Brown, to Eric Clapton, to Lynyrd Skynyrd and dozens of others. What you may not know is that Barry also gives private lessons. Why not surprise that special guitar player in your life with a one-on-one lesson with Barry. Drop me a private message and I'll make an introduction. Just don't make him so busy that he can't still teach me.


3. Nu Skin Products: These holiday gift ideas are for the ladies, or for those shopping for that special lady in your life. Check out all of these great products that my good friend Pj Marcella can get you through Nu Skin Products.



4. Electroplex Amps: Another one for that special musician in your life. How about a handcrafted all-tube amp created by 'rocket scientist' Don Morris of Electroplex Amplifiers. Once you plug into one, you get it.



5. Donate to Childhood Domestic Violence Association: Were you aware that 1 in 7 children grow up in a home affected by domestic violence? Were you aware that these same children are 6X more likely to commit suicide, 50% more likely to use drugs and alcohol and are 74% more likely to commit a violent crime. I wasn't until I learned recently of the great work of the Childhood Domestic Violence Association. If your means allow, I hope you'll consider making a donation, even if small, to this important cause. For those coming to my Holiday Show at Red Sky on Sunday, Dr. Linda Olson, licensed Psychiatrist and Chair-woman of Georgia Chapter of the Childhood Domestic Violence Association will be on hand to share a bit about the cause and answer questions.


6. Tesla: So you've gotten that special someone guitar lessons from Barry Richman and a top-tier amp from Electroplex Amplifiers. And they'll look amazing while playing guitar with incredibly white teeth and red lips thanks to Nu Skin from Pj Marcella, all while wearing a great pair of stockings from Shapings. So what do you get the person who now has everything. How about America's own supercar, a Model S Tesla. Tesla is not a sponsor of mine (yet ?), but I am a HUGE fan. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, autopilot when you don't want to drive, and cargo space to rival most SUVs. They don't discount these cars, but a current owner can give you their personal 'promo code' which will save you $1,000 and give you free lifetime supercharging. If you need a promo code, drop me a personal message and I'll happily share. #tesla









Check back for more!