2017 – Top 7 Moments Under the Lights

Like so many, I spend a few moments at this time of year to plan for the year ahead, and also to count the many blessings of the one just passed. I learn much from my best moments, and even more from those less stellar, and find myself grateful for both. 

For me personally, 2017 was a year of both tremendous challenge and of rewarding growth. It was a year that saw me continue my commitment to my music, while at the same time expand my work in the realm of modeling, and also jump with both feet back into the world of acting

Thankfully, along with the challenges and hard work of 2017, I came away with a number of wonderful memories, and an even greater number of people to thank for helping to make them possible. 

Though many of my fondest memories happened off the stage, and out of the public eye, there were also some truly amazing experiences that happened while “under the lights”. A few I am most grateful for include the following: 

  1. Georgia Entertainment Gala Top Music Award – 2017 started off with the honor of a nomination from the Georgia Entertainment Gala, an organization that hosts an annual black tie gala and awards ceremony honoring excellence in film, television and music. I’d been nominated for their Top Music Award against a field of talented recording artists and producers for the likes of everyone from Bieber, Mariah, Beyonce and Rihanna. I was truly honored just to be nominated among such a distinguished field, so you can only imagine my surprise when I was called to the stage to accept the award. Click the link to revisit this moment Angela Reign accepts Top Music Award 


  2. World Bodypaint Festival – Three years ago, I stumbled into the world of bodypaint art and fell instantly in love. This past July, I took this passion to the world stage as a model at the 20th Annual World Bodypaint Festival in Klagenfurt Austria, and had the honor of being painted by the North American Bodypaint Champion, Cheryl Ann Lipstreau, who placed 3rd in the World in this year’s competition. The following morning, I woke to find Cheryl Ann’s amazing work, and me, splashed on the pages of everything from USA Today, to the Huffington Post to TMZ. I can’t wait to do it again. Click the link to revisit this moment Angela Reign - USA Today, TMZ... 


  3. Music and Beats Music Festival – In addition to serving as the World Championship of Bodypainting, the World Bodypaint Festival serves as a huge music festival, drawing 30,000 music fans and bands/artists from across the globe. I had the honor of being one of two selected acts from the United States to perform on the Main Stage. My wardrobe? What else given the occasion; bodypaint, this time provided by 5 time World Champion, Madelyn Greco. Click the link to revisit this moment Angela Rocks the World Bodypaint Festival in Austria.


  4. Reign Remixed – While on the Main Stage in Austria in July, I took the opportunity within my show to debut 3 new singles; my first foray into the world of Electronica/EDM music. The first was an EDM version of my 2017-released single, Music Within, the other two being EDM high-energy remixes of Reckless Kind and Tall Drink of Water. All were produced by talented producer, Trammel Starks. The European crowd seemed to love them, and my goal is to take them to other major festivals and dance clubs around the world in 2018. Don’t have them yet? Download them here (Download Reign Remixed


  5. Television Debut: Swamp Murders – 2017 saw a big push in my return to the world of acting. Having grown up in musical theatre, the foundation was there, but with the help of an amazing team of coaches at Drama Inc. in Atlanta including Meisner guru Erin Burns, and my wonderful talent agency, Kathleen Schultz Associates, I’m spending more and more time in front of the camera. 2017 saw a couple of commercials and my television debut in an episode of Season 5 of Swamp Murders
  6. Eddie’s Attic – In addition to my typical full-band shows at major sporting events, private events and public music venues (e.g., Mad Life in Atlanta), 2017 included an invitation to perform at the renowned Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta. Though I couldn’t put my full band on this stage, the chance to do an “unplugged” show at this historic venue was a real treat and fun return to my days as an acoustic artist. Click the link to revisit this moment Angela performs at Eddie's Attic


  7. From Musician to Muse – As a musician, I have a deep appreciation for the talent of all who make a living, or pursue a dream through creative expression and art. As a model, I had the honor in 2017 to travel the globe and work with some of the most amazingly talented artists in the world. From North American Bodypaint Champion Cheryl Ann Lipstreau, to 5-Time World Champions Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray, to local Atlanta talent Betina Bailey, to renowned figure sculptor Chad Awalt. To each, I offer thanks for the opportunity to serve as your canvas or as your muse, and remain truly amazed by your talent. 


Just a few memories to share from a year that was full of adventure, challenge, learning and growth. For these moments and dozens more, I’m eternally grateful for the support of amazingly talented team that includes my band, my manager, my producer, my acting coaches, my talent agent, video producers, hair and make-up artists, wardrobe designers, bodypainters, photographers, the press (especially Libro Musica), venues, my fans and most of all my partner and husband, Mike. 

My goals for 2018 are many and varied, and I will not bore you with them all here. But with your support and that of my team, I’ll continue to create new and exciting music, continue to entertain musically on-stages across the globe, will show up a bit more on your television set, online or in your movie theatre, and perhaps pop up a time or two in a gallery should you find yourself shopping for art. Lots of hard work ahead, but I’m truly excited for the challenge and thankful for your support, which make it all possible. 

Next stop? Hard Rock Café in Atlanta on February 23rd to both celebrate my birthday and to rock the stage with my band for a full-length concert. General Admission tickets and a limited number of VIP reserved tables are available here (tickets), and I hope you’ll join us! 

Thank you again for a blessed 2017, and I wish you and yours the most fabulous 2018! Hope to see you soon. 

Best regards, 

Angela Reign